Rba Financial Group (Rba) is a financial planning practice that offers solutions to clients in the areas of superannuation and retirement planning, investments, wealth creation, risk insurance and self-managed superannuation


Before we partnered with VevaMEDIA we really believed that having a blog, sending out quarterly newsletters that were in retrospect very text heavy with a lot of data. As well as our regular eDMS based on recent financial events out in the market were sufficient and really the only way to connect with our client base.
It took us a while to realise that many of the emails sent out were not being opened. We had a very low click through rate. Instead our clients who received these emails were calling directly to seek the same information included in our communications. This was taking a significant amount of valuable time our of our day, relaying the same information over and over again to our client base.
Rba have a FaceBook page and before our work with VevaMEDIA we never knew the potential social media platforms can provide for lead generation. We didn't understand what conversions of our posts meant with regards to our return on investment. More so, we didn't realise the importance of the data reporting, and how we could learn and improve on our social media activities

A-HA Moment

We received a video from a competitor. In this 2 minute video, we realized all the information communicated was what our own team were spending their day repeatedly relaying to our clients on the phone or via email. We soon realized we were not really providing the value to our clients that we should be.This was a game-changer for the way we communicate and promote Rba


Initially, we were very apprehensive about the daunting task of producing a video, considering our market and main competitors are on the more mature side. VevaMEDIA assigned a Client Success Manager, who was on call when we needed and did most of the heavy lifty for us. This allowed us to focus on still running our business.
With VevaMEDIA's approach on doing a deep-dive discovery session with our company before we started even talking about the right messages or script writing, they identified our target market were in fact excited about video. With the videos we have produced with VevaMEDIA we measured the click rates compared to the ones of our eDMS and they were significanly higher.
After working with VevaMEDIA, we are advocates of Video Marketing. The instant feedback we received from our target audience watching the videos was positive and encouraging. We also received constructive feedback on how we can improve and furthermore our audience provided us with topics they want to watch in future RBA vidoes. We have looped that information back to VevaMEDIA to consider when we produce our next lot of videos.


When we posted our first video VevaMEDIA produced, we were so surprised by the instant feedback we received, the actual engagement we got as a result of our call to action and having a higher click through rates to our website.
Within the first month of our video being posted on FaceBook, our conversion rates doubled. RBA Financials have never had these types of results with any other marketing medium used to promote our business.

Unlike other video production companies, we chose VevaMEdia because their pricing was simple and to our budget. We didn't have to deal with a marketing agency and a video production company separately. With VevaMEDIA you get all the services of a marketing agency and a video production company in one.

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